General Terms and Conditions

The iBO App Service GbR supplies web apps as a service, available only through the Google Apps platform. These terms of service are valid for using these web apps.

Changes to these terms are signaled to each user via email.

Personal Data

The supplier does not have access to personal data of any user. Except that a user would manually share his data via Google Drive, by entering an address of the supplier.

The Web Apps are designed for Google Apps Business and utilize functions under the privacy policy of Google. Frequently check your security settings.

In Case of Malfunction 

The supplier can not guarantee for proper function, because of dependencies that are out of his control. The following reasons might interfere with proper operation :  
  1. Incompatible browser.
  2. Manually deleted folders, spreadsheets, sites or user properties, that have been created by the application. 
  3. Server error. 
  4. Insufficient computing time (check the quota for your account type) 
  5. Availability of Google Apps services (check dashboard)
In case of malfunction, the supplier can request collaboration by the user. Overlapping with Web apps of other suppliers could also result in malfunctions. The time for solving malfunctions is not predictable.

Updates can cause the repetition of an Authorization-Dialog.

Data Backups

There is no support for backup. Backup requires services like Google  Google Drive Sync. Loss of data can not be excluded. Your data should be available despite malfunction. But data recovery is only possible through standard features of Google Sites, Google Drive and Google Mail, see File deletion and recovery policy. 

Check the data protection provisions of Google and keeping your account secure. Increased security requires archiving, e.g. with Google Apps for Business with Vault

Additional measures to increase security should include Data Liberation and Google Apps Marketplace (Backup Apps).

Refund of Payments

In the event of unexpected malfunction,  no refunds are made.

Web Apps can be used for free for some time, ie any user gets the proof that they are functioning, unless Google Apps Script and Google Apps service are not available. 

Open Source

The user is not allowed to copy or change source-code, in case he has access to it, without prior permission of the supplier.

Violating these Terms of Service

Violating these terms of service, will cause users to be blocked from using the web apps.

Salvatoric Clause

Should these conditions or parts of it be ambiguous, at least from the perspective of users, the user is obliged to inform the supplier, before use of a web app.

Should individual terms of the Terms is invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after the use of the web app has begun, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

This next clause applies in the event, that a part of the agreement turns out as being incomplete, ineffective or impractical.

In place of a condition that is invalid or unenforceable, such valid and enforceable provision will be applied, whose effect comes closest to the commonly desired objective.