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This App needs your Approval

posted Aug 16, 2015, 11:18 AM by 123 DIGI • WIN Support

This App needs your Approval

Click the button

Scroll down and click accept

Use the mouse, click the gray bar on the right side and pull it down to scroll to the bottom of the list.

Wait until the user interface appears

Use the App to switch off

Weitere Informationen zu IBO mit Anleitung.png

There is an email with subject "For more information about IBO with instructions to uninstall" in your inbox. Only authorizations are cancelled with the "red button" and causes error messages. In order to do it right, use the "switch-off" option in UI of the app.

Verifiable Security and Privacy

Google Apps is safer than comparable online services. We regularly review Terms of Use, Security and Privacy rules, source code and web app and the security model.

No hidden back-Doors

Follow the links to see your data when a web app 

  1. sends an e-mail on your behalf
  2. shares a document or spreadsheet
  3. writes to a Web page
and apps with account permissions in general. You can delete what is no longer needed. 

Hint to item 3: 

Write your name into the search field to find websites. Your name is recorded on every page that was edited by your account.

This reveals any script if it is trying to deceive you. Report any abuse please.

Valid Security-Models

The Apps Script security model ensures, that only you will control the access to your data. In other words, the app has access to data, that you could edit yourself.

Secure payment

PayPal provides  payment processing with transparent fees. Each calculation will create a license file.

Automated license control

Neither license file nor folder should be deleted on your own. 
  1. The user account creates a license request file - shared with the supplier.
  2. The supplier creates a license confirmation folder - shared with the user.