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posted Aug 12, 2015, 1:23 AM by 123 DIGI • WIN Support

MEMO : Organize Your Notes by e-Mail

Use "MEMO" for selecting relevant information from a bunch of emails. Collect important passages in a  document. They are sorted by date and time. That also simplifies sorting of paper notes.

A collection of notes has a name. A document for the collection will have the same name. Keep notes as follows :
  1. Field "To": Your own email address (eg "de@iboapp.info")

  2. Field "Subject": Insert three dots before the name of the document (eg "...tutorial")

  3. E-mail body: Your notes (no attachments, no images, just text) (eg "Users benefit from...")

  4. First line of your email body (optional): Insert two dots before Date and time (eg "..11.8.2015 20:15")

  5. Any line of your email body (optional): Insert hash # before title text (eg "# title level 1, ##title level 2, ### title level 3 etc") as text of the email to structure a MEMO. The time will be inserted before the title on level one. 

  6. Attached images in PNG, GIF or JPEG format are inserted into the last paragraph of the MEMO and resized in proportion to 640 px width.
It is important to insert the settings on separate lines.

  • The reply to your email includes the links for the document and the MEMO folder.  
  • Date and time for a table of contents, in chronological order, of individual memos - by default the timestamp of the email. 
  • You can edit the template for MEMO-Documents.

  1. For processing the email as "MEMO", you self must be the sender of the email. 

  2. The document name will be converted into lower case letters to ensure that it is found correctly.

  3. Do you want to skip the auto signature? Write two hyphen characters and one blank character as the first line of your auto signature.  

  4. Send an email to someone else and start the subject with three points, the email will also be saved as memo. But it will not be interpreted as a MEMO by the recipient.