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Imagine you could just write an e-mail, to invoke a digital assistant, for saving your ideas. If this assistant would understand a unique language, that you can easily remember, it could do other things for you too. For example, in case you need a reminder or want to send a message to someone at a certain time, but not now. 

The IBOAPP works exactly like that, organizes your notes and sends emails on schedule, it just requires a one time Setup. 

Compared with native apps, IBOAPP works with any mail client on any device. The IBOAPP is mobile and saves battery, because it is not working like an additional app on your device, and it will continue to function  if the device is switched off. The IBOAPP is quicker and easier, because text notes are sorted into documents and stored in chronological order and if you want to cancel a scheduled  message, delete the original email before it is sent. The dot language is easier to learn than interfaces of apps that are changing over time.

Make sure you are logged in with the account only, that you want to use for running IBOAPP.


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