Cheat Sheet

Easy to remember

3 dots befor the email subject = "MEMO" file name or "TIMER" email-subject

"..13.9.2015 11:00"
2 dots before "MEMO" time = sorted chronologically

"# title level 1,##title level 2, ### title level 3 etc"
hash # before title text  to structure a "MEMO" with headers

PNG, GIF or JPEG images
attachments  resized in proportion to 640 px width

".45m" or ".15.9.2015 11:00" 
1 dot before the 'TIMER" time

1 dot before email of the recipient of "TIMER" message

"MEMO" = up to now, only raw text
"TIMER" = formated text and attachments

in 1 minute
in 1 hour
in 1 day
in 1 week
in 1 month
1 year from now
The app does not function for emails from a different address or alias!